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Neural Performance & Movement Coaching - Available online!



adjective: neural
  1. 1.
    of or relating to a nerve or the nervous system.
    "patterns of neural activity"

Use the brain. Fix the body. Utilize the Z-Health fitness system to reshape the way you train by focusing on and improving the connection between the brain and body. Z-Health bridges the latest breakthroughs in neurology and exercise to help people make unprecedented progress in pain management, athletic performance, and overall wellness. Through proprietary, scientifically engineered exercises, you can become stronger, faster, leaner - and can get rid of pain that you may have thought inevitable. Even more, Z-Health will improve the past pains that you thought you might have had forever.

Why focus on training the nervous system?

Your nervous system is the governing body that connects all of the other systems in your body together. It is the fastest working, most plastic, and most stable system in the body - and therefor presents the greatest potential for change.
What it will do for you:
  • Eliminate chronic/acute pain
  • Increase strength, ROM, and athletic performance
  • Movement pattern correction
  • Recover from injury, surgery, and high physical demands
  • Assist in healthy weight loss
  • Improve mood and libido
  • Prevent injury
What you can expect:
  • An in-depth intake process including health history, movement screening, and any number of relevant assessments including but not limited to muslce testing, gait analysis, visual/vestibular reflexes, and necessary cognitive testing.
  • One-on-one coaching to address your specific needs/goals, with a systematic understanding that all of your current limitations are linked to one governing body - your nervous system.
  • To be an active participant in your training and/or recovery. The aim of this coaching is to teach you how to fix yourself.
  • A follow up email within 48hrs of your appointment, containing a summary of your custom prescription and a complete list of your specific "drills" with descriptive instructions.

Your investment:

Initial intake (first appointment) - $70

1 follow up appointment - $55

3 follow up appointments - $150


Coaching is available both in person or online via Skype. Appointments are booked after purchase, and will be prioritized on a first-come first-served basis. Morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend time slots are available. Contact Jon prior to purchase to enquire about any questionable availability.